Monday, 20 May 2013

'Acting Is A Dream Come True'- Nollywood Screen goddess, Mistura Asunramu-Alao

So many readers have been complaining seriously saying enough of GUYs we want female Nollywood celebrities, now I am about to shock you!!! Guess who I have here today? Hmmmmmm, she is one of the nollywood's finest, coolest, most humble, funniest, talented, elegant, fabulous, splendid and stunning celebrities. She is married with kid and doing wonderfully well, so GUYS stay away, heheheheehhehhehehehehe, Let's have a nice chat with Mistura Asunramu -Alao, enjoy!  
opεcarεεm™: OCB: Hello, good to have you here, how are you? 
Misty: I am Fine, thank you. opεcarεεm™: OCB: Who is Mestura Asunramu? Family background? Educational background? Growing up? Home town? 
Misty: The spelling is mistura Asunramu-Alao. I'm from lagos state, a family of 7 and 2nd in d family. I grew up in surulere, I attended our lady of apostles pry school yaba, baptist girls college idi-aba, Abeokuta and olabisi onabanjo university where I studied diploma in marketing and mass communication. 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: In five simple words, describe yourself. 
Misty: I'm cool,calm,collected, religious and down 2 earth 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: How did you enter into Nollywood? 
Misty: I entered into nollywood in year 2000 where I joined english movies, later I joined awada kerikeri org in 2002, Oga bello's group where we go 4 rehearsals etc. opεcarεεm™: OCB: Was acting a dream or you came about it along the way?
 Misty: Acting is a hobby that I can never let die with me. Its a dream come true. 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: How many movies have you featured in? 
Misty: I av lost count because I have done virtually all d characters of the people in the world. opεcarεεm™: OCB: Interesting, Out of all these movies, Which one made you who you are today?
 Misty: Every movie I have featured in made me but my 1st lead role was oga bello's film, omotanbaje. opεcarεεm™: OCB: Have you produced your own personal movies? If yes state them, if no, why? 
Misty: I have produced movies like atannipa, ayomi, apo iyako, omotee and recently fali olomi.  
opεcarεεm™: OCB: How would you rate the take home pay? Is the income rewarding? 
Misty: The pay is rewarding in a way because it has made a lot of people. Some people have built houses and bought cars with it but in another way, we deserve more than that but God will help us. 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: Heard you are married, how is marriage life? What is the difference between Mestura Asunramu before and after wedding? Misty: Marriage life is the best one can ever have. I'm happy with my lifestyle, marriage and career. God is helping me out because understanding between the couple is the key and that keeps me going. There's no difference between married mistura and when I wasn't married. I still live my life the same way. The only difference is that I now have a home 2 myself which I have 2 take care with my career. 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: Knowing fully well that nollywood could be time consuming and demanding, how do you cope with your career and family, plus do you have time for your kids at all?  
 Misty: I do have time for my baby very well. 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: Any regret since? 
Misty: I have never had any regret in my career because its wat I have strong passion for. opεcarεεm™: OCB: What is your definition of 'Fashion' 
Misty: Fashion is what brings out your beauty in a unique way, cleanliness is important and looking beautiful is key. 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: Recently, there has been issues of Divorce in the entertainment industry, what can you say about this? 
Misty: Those people that are divorced did not pray for it and nobody knows tomorrow. I pray to God to always meet us at d point of our needs. 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: Advice for your divorced colleagues? 
Misty: Advice is prayer 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: What is your unique selling point? 
Misty: My face 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: How would you describe your style of acting? 
Misty: My style of acting is cool because I can take part in any role given to me. And I have a facial expression for every character. 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: What do you want to be remembered for? 
Misty: My naturality n uniqueness 
 opεcarεεm™: OCB: Who are your role models? 
Misty: Bimbo Akintola and Sola Sobowale 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: If you have the opportunity to change one thing in nollywood what would that be? Misty: Marketing strategy 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: Any awards yet? If yes, state them. 
Misty: Three awards for now. 1st is best of nollywood most scandal free actress 2011, best supporting actress in the movie awure eni, 2012 and recognition award from university of Ilorin students 2013.  
opεcarεεm™: OCB: Advice for upcoming actors? 
Misty: They should keep calm and be focused. 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: Words for your fans? 
Misty: I love my fans because without them, there's no misty, thanks for the encouragement always. opεcarεεm™: OCB: If your fans want to reach you, where and how can they contact you? 
Misty: They can reach me on my facebook page Mistura Asunramu Alao 
opεcarεεm™: OCB: Thank you for your time, we do hope that when next we call you will answer? 
Misty: Thanks a lot, sure I will. OCBreaders, there you have it, this nollywood folks are just cool and humble, if you have any questions whatsoever for my guest, do not hesitate to ask me, I will forward it to her and she will answer.

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