Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ke$ha celebrates with No Panties

What would make a normal human being decide not to wear pants? Well, Ke$ha sees nothing wrong in going about her business with no pants on.
Here’s her reason for letting her kitty breathe “For me, I like showing off my legs because I work really hard on them. So you will rarely find me wearing pants. I don’t have a perfect body but I think it’s really important to celebrate what you’ve got. I’m not always perfect but I try to keep a balance in my life”
What’s the relationship with working hard on her legs and wearing no pants? Looks like she has ulterior motives if you ask me.
In ke$ha’s words “Celebrate what you’ve got” so ladies, feel free to go about with no panties. If ke$ha can do it, so can you but make sure the paparazzi don’t catch a glimpse.
Written by Dhanna Jay


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