Friday, 2 August 2013

'Bigvai Jokotoye Is Mad'- Bukky Ajayi

If you are a conversant reader of this blog then the name BUKKY AJAYI and BIGVAI should not sound foreign....
In response to the press release by Bigvai which I posted on my blog on Thursday the 25th July, 2013 if you miss it, read it HERE
Bukky Ajayi mailed me to tell me her own side of the the UNCUT version of the mail below:

"Hi, dis is bukky ajayi am nt wanted by any police in dubai or nigeria,ask anybdy in dubai if u commite any offence wthin 30min dey il get u arrested,gud job to bigvai nd his fake agent mayowa anjorin I just read ur blog today send to me thru bigvai ex girlfriend.plss send ur pin or ur number,me dupe bigvai sister hmmmm it a big lie I av evidence wth me bigvai nd his family can nvr reach 100k,rubbish av speak wth ladunblog since wen I got to nigeria.there is much to dis issues.tanx"

Well, I have sent my pin and I am hoping to get the full details from her side as well, I promise to update you all as it unfolds......The Saga continues...


  1. Good job bro...waiting for the rest of the story. Up up you go still bro, you will never come down

  2. This story self, person no know who dey tok tru,@ope do not take sides o, just report it as they r reporting it...gud job bro!

  3. #stories that touches.......they should do test and let's know watsup....tell d guy dat d lady is ready make dem go do ham.....ope I am a barrister if u nid my help you know how to get me, either reply me or comment.

  4. Liars that's what they both story pls!

  5. She's evil oh... Bukola ajayi is evil oh, she's a scammer, even her baby she does nt kw who is d father of her own baby. She duped us of over 2million, I don't kw bigvia as a person, bukky came into niger early diz year her passport with taken away by who she dupped


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