Saturday, 11 May 2013


Hey beautiful OCB readers, today I have another tintilating Nollywood daring actress here, we met a chat and chat and chat, enjoy the convo yourself. She is a Diva, epitome of beauty, Single mother, movie producer, actress, Tv presenter, waoh! she is just too much, enjoy her interview below! Ope: Hi Habibat, its a pleasure to finally meet you, how are you? HJ: I am fabulous thank you ope. Ope: You look beautiful, what is your secret? HJ: God is behind my beauty Ope: So let's get to meet you, like your real names, family background, growing up, school,etc HJ: My Name is Habibat Jinad. Am from Abeokuta Ogun state. I was born in Kano. I did my primary school in 2places in Kano and in Abeokuta Ogun state . I also did my secondary school in lagos, i had my O level in Ogun in 2003. I graduated in d year 2010. Ope: How did you start? HJ: Being a presenter is by Gods grace i went to Miliki Express as a guest d producer Bimbo Ogunsanya asked me can u present? I said no,he said i can do it. Since then,it hasn't been easy i must say, but i thank God am loving it. Ope: Are you married? If yes, your husband? Or are you separated? HJ: I have a wonderful son, his name is Joshua King, I'm not married, still searching. Ope: What is your belief about fashion? You always look good in all your programs, do you buy your clothes here in Nigeria? HJ: I do buy my cloth in Nigeria my brother i can't say what am not. I love fashion i must say fashion is really growing in Nigeria. Ope: How do you cope with your male fans? HJ: My male fans are just too many but i do cope with them with d wisdom of God. Laugh Ope: As a mother and as a career woman how do you manage your time? Do you even have time for your son? HJ: I do have time for my son o, we play together. sometimes, he will like to follow me to location or to d studio. Ope: Do you have role models? HJ: My role models are Funke Akindele, Genevive Nnaji,Oprah Winfrey,Labi T V C and so on. Ope: Happiest moments? Most embarrassing moments? HJ: My happiest moment was when i gave birth to my son in year 2006. Most embarrassing moment was when i took 2 of my friends out and they could not speak good English and they looked beautiful Ope: Can you say this in english ' Waka waka don get belle' HJ: I can't speak Waka Waka don get belle in English o. pls don't blow my head. Ope: Do you even relax at all? HJ: U asked me how do i relax? I stay with my baby, read books watch movies. Sometimes, i go to rehersals to check on my boss Afeez Owo. Ope: In 5 words, describe yourself! HJ: I can describe myself in five words, Am an easy going person,i believe I'm well trained, i don't like cheating, i don't look down on people,I'm a straight forward person. Ope: If you are given an award today, who will be the first you will dedicate it to and why that person? HJ: My first award will go to Almighty God cos he has been there for me right from my mother's womb. Ope: Any advice for people who want to be like Habibat Jinad? HJ: My advice is u can never be like Habibat Jinad be urself, with God all things are possible . Ope: Prayers for ur fans HJ: I want say a big prayer to all my fans out there God will lift them up,they will never die young amen. Keep loving Habibat Jinad thank u. Ope: If you are to change one thing in the Entertainment industry, what would that be? HJ: If i could change one thing in d film industry what would dat be? The way they keep using the same faces in the movies, there should be chances for d upcomers. Ope: How many films have you featured in? List them HJ: I have featured in over 35 movies,Omo Ghetto2,Ilekun,Ile Ijo,Leyin Igbeyawo,Folajomi,Mista White2,Oko Were,Lalonpe,Irin Ajo Edalaye,Samora and so on. Ope: If people want to reach you, how can they contact you? HJ: If u want to get me u can search me on Jinad Habibat my Facebook account. Thank u so much God bless u all. Ope: For people who are just meeting or seeing you for the first time, when can they tune in to enjoy your program? HJ: They can watch me on miliki express on Orisun TV on startimes from 1pm to 2pm, We repeat in d night 11pm to 12. Monday to Friday. Ope: thank you so much for your time Habibat. HJ: You are welcome Ope and I love your Blog, keep it up! Ope: Thank you. href="" imageanchor="1" >

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