Thursday, 2 May 2013

How To Register Google Adsense Through Blogger

    Make money through Blogging is quite trending these days. Bloggers who provide good quality content ,avoid spamming and much traffic will obviously eligible to get an adsense account. From Blogger/adsense Help Forum , we got lot of questions about "we couldn't register my blog in Google adsense official page , Google says us  to register through Blogger".

Here we go how to Sign Up adsense account through Blogger ? . 
Before going,let me tell you one thing ,Your blog must comply with all Google Adsense Program policy in order to get approved by adsense team.

  1.  Login to your Blogger Account , Choose your Blog , which you would like to apply for adsense from the list( if you own more than one)  in the dashboard .
  2. Go to Earnings at Left sidebar.
  3. Now you may see page telling you to monetize your Blog. Click on Get started
  4. Now, Click on 'Create account' who haven't applied for Adsense yet, If you Have an approved adsense account with another email address, you may requested to don't create another account . Just switch your Adsense account to this Blog by 'Link This account' option.
  5. Then Fill up the Adsense Application  and Submit it.
You'll get an email  about your Google Adsense status within days  . You may keep updating your website with Good Quality content .

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