Monday, 24 June 2013

9 unlikely animal friendships that will put a smile on your face


ANIMALS SEEM TO keep themselves in pretty strict groups when it comes to friendships.
In fact, they seem downright clique-y at times.
Thankfully there are animals who care not for the traditional roles and are making some highly unlikely friendships.
We found this lot (including some from the heady days of black and white photography) that will make you smile and possibly even shed an animal related tear (or is that just us?).
1. The pig who has two canine friends
Prudence the puppy pig

2. The racoon and the dog who just love hanging out
The way that dog is looking at the racoon as if to say “Would you please calm down?” is the kind of thing we all do with our friends.
Little Raccoonteur 1972

3. The leopard cub hanging out with a dog
This makes us emotional.
Animals Unusual Combos
4. The ostrich and giraffe who are friends
The tender way the giraffe nuzzles the obviously terrifying ostrich is truly amazing
Unlikely friends in the animal world
5. The monkey looking after a small puppy
This monkey is also wearing a JUMPER.
Chiiko And Puppy 1972
6. The collie and duck who clearly love to hang out
Just like us, the duck seems entranced by the amazing hair all collies seem to have
Animals Unusual Combos

7. The cat looking after possums
This cat doesn’t just have one unlikely friend, it has several
Animals Unusual Combos
8. The dog who is looking after a tiny rabbit
We think this might be the cutest picture of the bunch and that’s saying something
Animals Unusual Combos 
If animals can be friends like this, how much more we!

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