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Actor Emeka Ike In A Serious Scandal

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Well according to Entertainment Parrot it is and judging from the Actors controversial history,it is easy to believe anything.........hold it and read through first before you conclude.
Here's the story
From movie actor to scam actor, Popular Nollywood star Emeka Ike is in serious scandal that could lead up to 10 years in jail. The actor who  received a chieftaincy title  in Egbonike, Anambra State. and was recently made a sports ambassador For the newly launch project RYTHM and PLAY. is in serious scandal, but this time, not in Nollywood nor power struggle, but a scam act that involves footballers.
Emeka Ike decided to give back to the community where he grew up, in Ogudu Ori-Oke Ojota Lagos state, by hosting a football tournament.
The tournament was called Desert Football Tournament and was organizedby Unity Football Association (UFA)
Emeka said the main reason why he decided to host the tournament was to help young talented footballers discover their talents, and thereby reduce crime rate in Nigeria. He  also revealed that Tottenham and Togolese striker Emmanuel Adebayo has agreed to assist some stars to be identified at the football tournament, adding that some major clubs in Europe are alsosending scouts to the tournament.
On the posters in the streets of Lagos, it was included that Kanu Nwankwo and the Minister of Youth & Sport, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi will be their special guest of honor.
Each team were asked  to pay the sum of #3000 for registration and 16 teams participated.
Emeka Ike promised that he was going to reward the winner with the sum of 500,000 naira, The first runner up with N100, 000, and The 3rd place winner will get N75, 000.; witnessed the finals, it was a whole lot of excitement, as players were extremely excited,that something new was about to happen intheir lives.
Popular musician Daddy Showkey racked up the excitement of the tournament with his presence.
6months after the tournamentthe winning team Golden Star FC are extremely disappointed in Emeka ike because of his inability to fulfill his promise. frequent calls has been made to Emeka to make the payments,but all to no avail.
The winning team coach,  Mr Afolabi has been mounting pressure on Emeka to fulfill his promise, all means proved abortive. After much pressure on Emeka, Emeka presented a UBA cheque in one of the player’s name Fadayiro Haruna Abiodun, and post dated the cheque to 15th of March 2013.
On the due date (15/03/2013), when the cheque was presented, the cheque was returned unpaid, it bounced.
The coach keep calling and begging Emeka to release the money. Emeka neglected to remedy the situation.
 ( We are not sure Emeka is aware or ignorant of the fact that issuing a dud cheque is  a criminal offence).
When the pressure became too much, Emeka reacted badly, claiming they can’t do anything, and that he  would bribe Area boys,also known as Agberos with the sum of fifty thousand naira in ogudu, and case would be buried. sympathizes with the team and have decided to take up the fight against injustice. contacted Emeka to hear what he has to say concerning this,but instead we got a snub in return. contacted an attorney to draft a letter to emeka to make the payment within 14days or face the legal consequences.
The letter was forwarded to Emeka on 17th june 2013. visit ( for more update regarding this case)

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