Saturday, 29 June 2013


 In a recent interview, former member of the Chocolate City crew opened up about his reasons for leaving the label and what his plans are.
On why he left the label.
My debut album was not released properly. Songs were leaked even after they promised that they were safe. And then there was my single, which was poorly released. I think I deserve an explanation why the release was messed up. That already is a breach. You took my song, edited it and released it behind my back; very unfair. It's something I don't want to talk about but there's news everywhere that I am smoking weed and people are saying I don't get shows because of that.

On weed-smoking.
Yes, but for God's sake, I have not done anything to mess up the contract. What else do you think anybody would say just to make me look bad? It's like giving a dog a bad name so you can hang it. They needed to come up with something. Like I said before, a lot of artistes are doing songs about weed and I have not even done a song on weed before.
On how Choc Boys affected his project.
We were supposed to record a Choc Boy album in 2012, which I could not agree to because I had my own album in the works. But it's even worse than that because nobody ever called me up.
Whenever they had Choc Boy meetings I was never there. I heard stuff from my other mates on the record label and I am like 'when did you have that meeting?'
So, it's easy now for them to come out and say I am still a Choc Boy. However, I was never treated like one!

On his new plans.
Chocolate City says I can't go anywhere but they will have to sue me toenforce that and we will meet in court.
On who his new management will be.

This is music business.
By the time you shop for a few weeks, you'll find a manager and a publicist. The songs always come first so if I don't have an album in theworks, what do I need a manager and publicist for.

On his current relationship with Chocolate City crew.
We have a very cordial relationship,
funny enough. We talk on phone and we even exchange visits. When I got my new car four months ago, I drove to Miss place and said 'come take a look at my car.' When we meet at events we still talk.

On his personal relationship.
Yes, I am in a relationship. But no plans for marriage right now. I met the lady in my life at a birthday party. What struck me about her was that she was tall and beautiful. The attraction was her height.
Who no go like fine girl? I like the way she carries herself and the way she treats me.

On marriage plans.
(Laughs) I am 27-years-old so I am still thinking of roaming around a little more before settling down.

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