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"If Going Almost Nude To Portray A Particular Message Will Help in Interpreting A Role, I Feel There's No Crime"-Nollywood Fast Rising Actor, Babajide Awobona

Babajide Awobona
Babajide Awobona is a fast rising nollywood actor, he has featured in many home videos and also not a strange face when it comes to soap operas....Welcome to his world, enjoy!

OCB: Good day, its a pleasure to have you here, how are you doing?
Babajide: I'm delighted to be here too, I'm doing great

OCB: Can we meet you?
Babajide: I'm Babajide Awobona, an actor, a model, an entrepreneur, a compere and a graduate of mass communication.

OCB: How was growing up like?
Babajide: my growing up is a very captivating story, but to save your time and space, I would just say, I grew up in the hard way, but I'm glad, cos' the result seems good, so no regret.


OCB: Educational Background?
Babajide: I had my primary and secondary education in lagos, my tertiary in Ogun state.
On set with Bimbo Oshin
OCB: Why Nollywood?
Babajide: I have to contribute my quota and  I know I have a space in the  entertainment world

OCB: as a young actor, do you have any issue with your parent, like most young actors do.
Babajide: not at all, I have their 100% support, they're so understanding,even sometimes when I want to reject some minor roles, my dad will say ' just do it, one day you'll be recognised and get better roles'. I can remember the first time I left home for two weeks to work with Wale Adenuga Production in 2004, my father came to check on me, I loved it but I felt so embarrassed
On a Movie set
OCB: How many movies have you featured in? Name some.
Babajide: I'v featured in a couple of movies, can't be specific about the figure,I acted in champions of our time, Teniola, The Revenge, Basiratu Baseje,Eku meji, Amope Alasela, Edun Ara, Awa Okunrin,Aropo, The Ransom, Ewa, Afe Aye,Aremo ite, igbimo, to mention a few

OCB: Can you also mention some soap operas you'v featured in  and those that are still on
Babajide: Some Series of Super Story, Binta and Friends, This Life,Kampson's and Neighbour,The Campus,Face to Face, Family Ties, So Wrong So Wright and some other ones. Presently I'm one of the major characters  of the Project three Family Ties( A Thorn in the Flesh).

OCB: What can you say about auditions in Nigeria?
Babajide: I just feel some production outfit are not sure of what they want to do, so they just create unnecessary awareness about there productions, cos' after calling aspiring actors to come for auditions, @ the end of the whole process, you'll hardly see any of these people that were auditioned in their movies, but for producers of soap opera's and all, kudos to them, there auditions are always real, they give opportunities to so many people, and I'm an example, I got my first major job through an audition and so many other productions.

Niji Akanni, Jide Awobona and Bimbo Oshin
OCB: What is your unique selling point?
Babajide: My Unique Selling Point is a Code that I'm not going to disclose, but note, I'm just unique in my own way.

OCB: Define acting.
Babajide: acting from my own perspective is the ability to put yourself into another person's character to pass across a particular message

OCB: What makes a very good actor?
Babajide: what makes a very good actor is not far fetched,though we can't all act the same way, we react differently, we have different expressions and attitude, but what every actor should posses to make him or her a good actor is the ability to interpret whatever role you're asked to play perfectly.

OCB: Do you see yourself as one?
Babajide: Of course.

OCB: Describe yourself in 5 words.
Babajide: Disciplined, Intelligent, Not_ Totally_Bad_Looking,Versatile, Caring.

OCB: Role models?
Babajide: Olu Jacobs, Antar Laniyan and Richard Mofe Damijo

OCB: How well do you relate with your fans?
Babajide: I relate well with them, they love me, and I love them too.

OCB: Do you smoke/drink? If no why?
Babajide: I don't, it adds no value to me in any way.

OCB: What is/are you greatest challenge (s)?
Babajide: lots of challenges,but as humans we should always be ready to encounter challenges, learn to live and cope with them
Jide with kids doing his compere
OCB: Most embarrassing moment?
Babajide: lots of  embarrassing moments, don't know which is more embarrassing, but I can never forget the day I went to unilag when I was battling with admission, I had the cause to visit a professor in his office, then he sent me out and made jest of me because I put off ma shoe before I entered his office, I felt so embarrassed, he had a guest and other students were also around

OCB: (Prank) please say this in english ' how many years I take senior you'
Babajide: lol,really it's hard, but lemme try "i'm older than you with how many years?"

OCB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
Babajide: God is All knowing, but I pray to be in a better position with my wife and kids, and enjoy the all the benefits of a celebrity.
Rocking one of his @quickdesigns
Jide, Tope Bali, Dipo Olajide, Tope Osoba and Tunde Owokoniran
OCB: How would you describe your style of acting?
Babajide: I would say my style of acting is not common, I'm just different and unique in my own way.

OCB: Are you married? Single? Divorce? Searching?
Babajide:I'm not married

OCB: Describe your ideal woman.
Babajide: My Ideal woman should Possess these faetures_ Intelligence, Beauty, Fear of God and Strength.

OCB: Recently, viewers have been complaining about nudity in the industry, as a promising young actor what is your take on this?
Babajide: well, these same viewers are the ones complaining about our character interpretations, so if going almost nude to portray a particular message will help in interpreting a role, I feel there's no crime, we should just restrict our minors from seeing such movies. We're just trying to level_ head with our foreign colleagues they measure us with,but we still try not to forget that our society's perception, tradition and norms differ.

OCB: Favourite quote?
Babajide: que sera sera, what will be will definitely be

OCB: Best food?
Babajide: while I was younger, my best food used to be anything rice, but I grew up learning and reading about the benefits of all kinds of food, so I had to start loving other foods,therefore, I have no best food.

OCB: Best Vacation spot?
Babajide: Wisconsin Dell Resort America.

OCB: If you are given just one opportunity to change something in Nollywood, what would that be?
Babajide: I would ensure I give all the young new and talented actors opportunity to take major roles.
Jide and Olaitan at Aremo Ite 's  location
OCB: Most challenging role ever?
Babajide: all my roles have being challenging, even if it's just a scene, but I would say the most challenging is the role I played in my first major job with Wale Adenuga Production Super Story( The Last Honour) in 2004, it was really challenging.

OCB: According to you, what is fashion?
Babajide: fashion in my own world is wearing anthing you'r comfortable with,not forgetting where and when to wear them and @ least command a few attention.
Babajide and Sodiq Agbojo
OCB: Aside acting, what else are you into?
Babajide: I'm a model, I av a design outfit(@quick Designs), I'm an entrepreneur, and some other things you'l get to know later.

OCB: How do you relax?
Babajide: do I ever relax? Well, I try to sleep at least four hours every night

OCB: Words for your fans.
Babajide: thanks for being there for me always, thanks for your love, I promise not to disappoint you

OCB: How can they (your fans) reach you?
Babajide: they can reach me via my e mail_ sababs2341@yahoo.com

OCB: Thank you for stopping by, it means a lot
Babajide: I'm honoured, thank you too

Jide with Yemi Solade

Damola Olatunji, Babajide and friends


  1. Have been a fan from his genesis. He is extremly talented. He interpreats his roles in the most unique way. Speaks Yoruba like a cousin to Oduduwa. Commands THE English language, like he was the Queens son. Keep it up

  2. Babajide noo ni o! Ore mi from university days. Known him 4 a while and so far no regrets. Keep it up bro. We meet @ the top.

  3. He's got all it takes. I agree with you.

  4. Thanks fred,bambo,ope.I feel so honoured.

  5. @Ope yh he got all it takes, but trust me u you've not seen anything yet...@jide keep it coming with God on your side, you got perfect control in all... intelligent, God fearing and focus.. all d best in life..

  6. I'm flattered, tnx mz Roleola, tnx so much


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