Monday, 10 June 2013

Help: I'm Not Comfortable With My Househelp

house help

I got a new househelp recently cos I needed help after I delivered about 6 weeks ago. The problem is that I'm not very comfortable with her. The night b4 she came,I dreamt of an evil bird that flew into our home. 2 days later,I dreamt of a predatory dog that came into our house at night.I don't usually dream such dreams. Yesterday,a cat we don't know where it came from was heard crying in the engine of our car just bought 3 days ago.The cat was found and ran out. As soon as I set my eyes on her as she stepped out of d car when my husband brought her for the first time,I had an uneasy feeling. Maybe because of my dream the previous night,I don't know. I had actually prayed dt morning for God to stop her from coming if she was not d right person,but here she was already in my house.
On interacting with her,I learnt she is a 30yr old lady,married but separated from her husband. Had 6 children,with only 2 surviving. Her parents told her to leave her husband becos they believed that her husband's 2nd wife was the cause of her children's deaths. Her husband took another wife because her children were dying. She got married 12yrs ago. Due to circumstances,she decided to do d job of a househelp to support herself. She left her children in d care of her parents.

Because she is older,I expected her to be responsible,so I gave her a free hand in my house. But she is misusing it. When I'm bathing my baby or cooking,instead of coming to help,she sits in d parlour watching tv. When visitors come,instead of her to leave the parlour,she sits tight.

Does not tell me thank you after eating. Does not do anything unless she is told. She has been with me for 2 weeks,but has not changed baby's diapers once, talkless of bathing her. She just called me now as I was typing this to come and change baby's pampers. And I've shown her countless times how to do it. And I don't like the way she walks into my room uninvited. You would have thought that a married woman would know better. Funny enough,my husband's relative living with us is more hardworking than she is. The girl even does some of the chores I send the new help out of respect for her.

I only needed another person cos she is still in secondary school,and I needed someone to help me since I'm also studying for my forthcoming exams in my masters program. Also I need someone to take care of my baby when I resume from maternity leave. Right now,I can categorically say she is a liability to me,unless she improves.

The bottom-line is I'm not just comfortable with her. What do I do? Mature advice only.

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  1. Kmt! See question o! So its until she gets the deed to your house, sells it and starts breastfeeding your child that you'll know she should be given the sack!


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