Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sheifunmi's Review: D’banj is just a Monkey

Like Kunta Kinte just ran into some money, that’s what I overheardsomeone say as regards D’banj’s recent effort – Blame it on the money ft. Big Sean and Snoop Lion.
Taking commentson into perspective, it appears Dapo is
gradually getting some form of recognition from fellow Apes abroad. Rap
Radar, a music blog in the US, posted D’banj’s latest material which had it’s site regulars listen and drop comments..  *sigh* Hate comes with the territory, we know, but it’s not far from the truth if we say D’banj is just urm, Nigerian Music Torres.
Ever since the break up, D’banj a.k.a Eja Nla a.k.a Banga Lee, has been frantically searching forBanga Soupa Banger. Dont know why he wont just buy one from Olamide already.

Without playing the track I already decided the purpose of thesuperfeatures was to get more recognition and of course more plays. The production was okay. Beat was ordinary. Big Sean owned the track. Egbon Snoop lion just had fun as usual,then collected his balance and went to buy weed and knack neat Beeshees. D’banj? I just don’t know. Eja Nla was just floating on the beat. Bobs was just giving us re-arranged everyday Nigerian lyrics. Same same. Nothing special. No wow effect. Just blehh. Likehe was struggling English with Awon Oyinbo and then when he couldn’t take it anymore, he threw in Yoruba.
D’banj is a great entertainer no doubt. But should we blame his lack of depth on the money too? Shey money can’t buy depth ni?

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