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Sleeping With Producers To Get Roles Is Not In My Diary-Biodun Okeowo

OCBreaders, Biodun Okeowo formerly known as Tolani Osinrin but now addressed as 'OMO BUTTY' is my special guest on the blog today, she is known for her confidence, beauty, hips and ability to interpret any given roles, she just finished shooting her new coming flick 'ORE' (u wanna see the trailer? Keep reading, it's all here)  let's take some timeout as we enjoy her chat, ladies and mentle gents (lol) I present to you...Biodun Sofuyi Okeowo...

OCB: Can we meet you?
BSO: My name is Biodun Sofuyi Okeowo, Born and breed in lagos, I am d lastborn nd only girl from my mother side, A native of Ogun state, I attended Onayade primary school, Proceeded to jibowu high school, Then to Lagos state university where I  studied yoruba communication Arts, I did my I.T at Lagos state television.

OCB: let's talk about nollywood, when did you join nollywood?
BSO: I joined nollywood in d year 2006, through Ray Eyiwunmi Organization.

OCB: is acting a passion to you or just a a normal thing?
BSO: Looking at what I studied. It explained that I didn't stumbled on acting, Its something I've wanted to do all my life.
OCB: so tell us how your first experience in front of camera was.
BSO: I felt cool and anxious to pour out the talent in me, My first movie hmmmmmm! Oro oka by Lasun Ray eyiwunmi,  it was a scene, not a major role.

OCB: Biodun Okeowo has become a household name in Nigeria now, what movie would you say gave you this fame?
BSO: The Movie Tolani Osinrin gave me the break, It was released in 2006.

OCB: In all, how many movies have you featured in?
BSO: I've lost count o. Some are Lagos to benin, Ibuso ale, Teminikan, Boseyemi, Opin irin Ajo, Ogasibe,  Awolumate etc.

OCB: ok, that's pretty cool, which of these would you refer to as most challenging and why?
BSO: Yet to see any challenging role, Bcos I find acting so peaceful and enjoyable.

OCB: So have you ever produced your own personal movie?
BSO: Yes I've produced 8, Started with Tolani osinrin, Okanjua, Oke irapada, Edidi igbeyawo, Asise nla, Ife n siere, Omo butty and Ore on the way.

OCB: ok, let's talk about your experiences, shooting this movies that you mentioned above, What are the challenges faced, Financially, physically and morally?
BSO: I really do not want to say much about that, but My first movie was sponsored by Alh lateef Olarenwaju.

OCB: How well do you relate with your male producers, rumour has it that producers sleeps with actresses before giving them roles?
BSO: Well d issue of sleeping with male actors b4 getting roles is not in my own diary, I relate well with my male colleagues.

OCB: What is that thing that distinguishes you from your colleagues?
BSO: I am distinguished from my colleagues by being just me.

OCB: What is fashion in your own words?
BSO: Fashion is being cool, confident and comfortable with whatever you're wearing, Fashion to me has to do with Taste and appearing well dressed without over flogging whatever one is wearing. Secondly, Fashion to me is setting a pace and a trend for others to follow as an entertainer. I can decided to wear my own cloth the other way round just bcos I wanna create my own style. Bcos every style we do was created by some creative minds, So at times I tried to be creative with my dress sense, and do things differently to suit me and my kind of shape, I don't follow trends.

OCB: Who are your role models?
BSO: God is my role model, but I have some people I appreciate so much, Bukky Wright,Eucharia Anunobi,Fathia Balogun...

OCB: let's go a little bit private, Sofuyi, we wanna know, are you married?
BSO: I'm sorry this interview is about my career and not my love life. And even if it is about my love life. I've decided not to talk about my personal life.

OCB: hmmmm, ok, any awards yet? If yes when and where?
BSO: I've got 2 awards, One from global excellence and the other from PMan.

OCB: Most embarrassing moment?
BSO: Most embarrassing moment was when a fan insulted me because she didn't like me personally.

OCB: Happiest moment?
BSO: Happiest moment was the day I gave birth to my 2 kids.

OCB:How do you relax?
BSO: I relax by listening to music and visiting the spa.

OCB: (Prank) Pls say this in english 'which kain wahala be dis sef'
BSO: "which kain wahala be this "What sort of trouble is this?

OCB: Has anybody entered nollywood through you? If yes names?
BSO: Yes I have people who enter the industry through me, They are Ekundayo,Jumoke ,Kazim Micheal. But they are still up comers.

OCB: Advice for upcoming actors
BSO: My advice for new actors is to be humble, they should have the spirit of perseverance.

 OCB: How well do you relate with your fans?
BSF: I only relate with my fans any time I come in contact with them

OCB:  If you have the opportunity to change one thing in Nollywood, what would that be?
BSO: That change will be to wipe piracy totally

 OCB: Nollywood actresses are meant to be role models to everybody considering the rate of divorce in the industry now, what's your take about this?
BSO: Hmmmmmmmmm don't know why all eyes are on celebrity homes. The issue of divorce is rampant these days. Divorce is not only  prone to actresses. And the major cause of celebrity divorce is because press don't allow us rest. They write all sort of lies just to sell there papers.

OCB: Words for your fans
BSO: I love my fans so much for supporting my career this far. Because if my movie is not accepted by them. Then there will be no me.

OCB: which actor do you enjoy acting with on set and why?
BSO: I enjoy acting with most of my male colleagues bcos in the yoruba industry we are blessed with cute,clean nd good nd actors.
OCB: How can your fans wanna get across to you?
BSO: My fans can reach me on FB Biodun Okeowo,Twitter @Omo butty1.

OCB: Your favourite quote, food, colour and song?
BSO: Fav quote is do unto others what u want them do unto you, Favourite  colour pink and green, favourite food ikokore and Ebiripo, Favourite song Tope Alabi and Anu egbeyemi.

OCB: if you wake up in the morning, what are the first 5 things you would do?
BSO: Waking up in d morning. I'll pray,drink water,visit the loo,I brush nd bath.

OCB: Thank you for your time, we do hope when next we call you, you will be here?
BSO: Yes I will gladly be here.

OCB: We wish you success in your career and we say the sky is your starting point!
BSO: Thanks so much for the prayer. God bless you too my Bro.
Readers, I told you earlier about 'ORE' here is the story line and the link to watch the advert....O ma Badt gan ***winks**

There are liars, posers, freaks, and cheaters, the world is only coming to the cold mistreaters. I think its time dat we need to  start acting real, We hurt each other and don’t know how they feel, People talk about other people behind their backs, We don’t have true friends, we’ve ruined the trust we had,You’ll only have a few friends that are true, its give or take, friends stab friend in d back and it hurts to touch, u think they are true, then they turn around on u so much, So what are you going to do? Stay there and let them do it again? Watch ORE and learn about "FRIENDS" Do we need friends? Do we steer clear from friends? What kind of a friend are u to ur friends?THIS IS THE TRAILER, TIP OF D ICE BERG, click and enjoy:

Waoh...there you have it all...Do you have any questions for Biodun Okeowo, please do not hesitate to send them to my email and I get them across to her....Thank you for reading, you are the best!


  1. She's beautiful

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  3. Omo Butty ko, Tolani osinrin lawa month si jor, she is biyutifu

  4. Pictures of kids

  5. If u have any questions just ask, I will forward it to her I am sure she wud b glad to dayin loun

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  7. I love her movies nd I love her too. But she does too much of skimpies these days.


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