Monday, 17 June 2013

So Don Jazzy You Have A Porsche Carrera GTS!

Now, it will interest you that don jazzy also own a porshe Carrra, hmmmm how come I never heard of it, I need to take my amebo to the next level ooooo kai!
Don Jazzy talked about his ride during a question and answer session he had with his fans on Twitter yesterday.
He also got to say that Tuface
 is his favourite Nigerian artist and he sure watches porn (wait a second! Is dat not what they call. blue or green film?) sometimes.
He worships with a white garment church( Cherubim & Seraphim) Mount of Joy Ajegunle branch. He's so blunt, you like?


  1. Think you should pack it up. Don't give up your day job. Nobody visits your blog. Nobody cares

    1. Who ever you are you must be very stupid and mad. You hate good things and enemy of progress that's what you are. We know people like you. Moreover, myself and my 10 oda friends we can't do without visiting this blog cos its just unik in its own way...ope don't mind thunder go fire d person mouth, bad belle people, so even if u doing sumtin and ppl dnt patronize u, u wil quit? Coward dats wat u are and a failure.....oloriburuku, God go punish u.....

  2. Hello silly, d fact dat u dumbass do not visit doesn't mean people with life don't visit. U shd hv put ur name if u bold enough. Lmao I think u nid to ask ope about d traffic, he showed me d traffic on this blog 5days ago and I marvelled on how fast the blog has grown, more than 3500 responsible and career focus people ppl visit ds blog per day. And dis godforsaken arrogant fool is here saying rubbish? Ppl like u shd not live with human......BAD BELLE....u r a failure....ope pls do not delete d comments o let people fire him for you......

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