Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Fans Lash Out At Stella Damasus - You Lack Integrity To Abuse Senators

As if that was not enough see what somebody somewhere wrote:

I saw your video on girl child marriage, well, I don't think you shot the video because of the purpose we are all fighting for.
But you shot the video because of cheap publicity, going all the way to produce a video, talking and splitting saliva on the screen.
Responsible citizen like, Abudu (EbonyTV), Hon. Abike Dabiri, Wole Soyinka etc didn't go all the
way to insult the first Lady but they are wise people who let out their opinion without abusing the office of the first Lady.
Must you go all the way to show your adulterous face on the screen?
Other reasonable citizens tweets via (Twitter), Comments on Facebook and even send press release.
If you need an interview to talk on girl child marriage, walk majestically to any media house, but not you Stella.
Remember,Reuben Abati, when he was still an Editor in one of the National Newspapers, he did the same to Dame patience Jonathan in 2010, he figured out all the mistakes First lady made.
Now, he is the Special Adviser to the president on Media and Publicity.
And now you Stella, you wanted to be SA to the governor of your state and recognition from Aso Rock.
You are not different from Senator Yerima because you are a cheap woman that sleeps with another woman's husband.
Keeping the man in your territory. I will support women in all ramifications.
You've lost your heart and conscience when Aboderin died. God will Judge you in anger one day.
Written By: Anonymous


  1. Am sorry to say dis u are so stupid 4 dis comment...I fink yerima is ur Godfather or maybe ur generation's helper ur entire family are crazy idiot..

  2. Yes, who ever write this is an idiot, stella is an adult who chose what she want. ​ℓ̊ am not sorry to say u are fool for this stupid write up. Lets join hands together and fight those animal that call themselves senators. This is no time to abuse someone who came out boldly to fight for the future of her children.

  3. There are peaceful ways to fight for a right or common goal. Be careful with your actions so that an innocent attempt to speak out does not lead to violence.
    @ Stella, U̶̲̥̅̊ make ur point clear but seems U̶̲̥̅̊'re pushing it to far. @ Commentators, let make peace not to be in pieces.

  4. Even if she has committed adultery or slept with a married man, how many Nigerian girls out there are not guilty of the same? Besides, she never asked anyone to legalize sleeping with married men. No one should impose something as grievous as a child bride on a whole nation, religion or not. Period! Aren't u guilty of some form of sin urself to write ur gibberish? Bloody hypocrite!.

  5. Nigerians, when will we grow? This is the problem we are having in this country and this is why we can't grow. Stella is fighting for all children and women of tha nation,instead of us to support her and fight those stupid,selfish and senseless senators, you are saying she snatched someone's husband. She is mature enough to know the best for her and besides,her husband died,its not that she is cheating on her husband. If you are a woman,let your husband die too,then you will know what it means to be alone and also if you are careless with your husband,there are ladies out there who needs him.
    There are vital issues to resolve in this country, they won't say that,its under age marriage issue they are tackling. Well,may God help us.
    Stella,kudos to you, God will protect you. Amen


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