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'I Go Nude In Some Movies' - Bi​gvai Jokotoye


Nigerian actor, Oreoluwa Jokotoye otherwise known as Bigvai is my 'Alejo Pataki' on the blog today.

Jokotoye Bigvai Oreoluwa is a young handsome, gentle and God fearing naija actor. Singing, Playing guitar, Camping, Reading, and Eating are all his hobbies. He loves honesty and hate the opposite of it. He started in 1987 at Erin Ile in Kwara state of Nigeria where his late DAD was a pastor of a C.A.C church. He began to act uninvited with the church drama troupe. So, he grew with the dream of doing it with the likes of Oga Bello, Aluwe, Aderupoko, Papilolo, Jacobs, Isho Pepper and others since he used to watch them do it then. To God be all the glory today for a dream come true after so many years. Bigvai is now a household name in Nigeria, he is a full time actor, production manager in the lucrative industry. He has featured in so many TV series and home videos, like:  Wale Adenuga Soaps, Super Story,This Life, Odd World, Binta and friends, Papa Ajasco. Dear Mother, Why die now?, Oranmiyan, Angeli mi, ogun, Eleburu Ike, jenifa, omo iya kan, Baba ologba, Ako Ife, Igba, Ijapa, Owo eje, e.t.c and the simple truth is he loves what he is doing. Welcome to his world...

OCB: Hello bro, its good to have you here, how are you today?
BV: Hi, thank you, I'm awesome, you?


OCB: Hmmmmm, I am doing fabulous...Let's get to meet you, your name, nick, family background, academic background, religion, position in the family.......
BV: Am Bigvai oreoluwa jokotoye,am 4rm Ajaawa ogbomosho in oyo state. My mum 4rm cotonuo. I lost my dad in 2001, I attended St james primary sch, Bacita, kwara state, Ilofa Grammar sch, kwara state, CAC grammar school, Akure, Ondo State, I spent 2 years in UNAD as a diploma student, where I was reading Banking and finance before I dropped out. I went to Nigeria College of Aviation Studies, I studied ticketing reservation, I'm from a family of 7,4gals, 3boys.

OCB: Waoh! That's a long one there, your journey into nollywood, when and how was it?
BV: I started professional acting in 2001 in d city of Ado Ekiti, I attended my 1st audition 4 d movie Oranmiyan.

OCB: What was your first experience like in front of camera?
BV: I didn't have phobia for the camera, most of my senior colleagues who were dere even gave me money. I remember late Yomi ogunmola gave me 500naira and late Bisi ogunde offered me an accomodation in lagos when she enjoined me to relocate.

OCB: May their kind souls Rest in Perfect Peace. In your own words, what is 'Acting'?And who is an actor?
BV: Acting is d 'art' of representing a character on a stage or before cameras. An actor is the one who represents a character on a stage or screen.

 OCB: What makes a very good actor? Would you consider yourself as one?
BV: A good actor must have the talent and be versatile in all form of acting, interpreting any given role. My fans would judge if am one or not, but am sure of what I do.

OCB: I like that, how many movies have you featured in? List some....
BV: I can't count oo but sum of them are:  ikudoro,oranmiyan,gbedo gbedo,teacher abule, yinka eruiku, ogboju ole, omo gay, ayelaba 1,2. Eefa and others

OCB: Have You Produced your own movie(s)? If yes, how many, mention some, if not why?
BV: Yea,I produced my 1st ever movie 2months ago, but not in d market yet.

OCB: what movie gave you the name?
BV: Ikudoro by Toyin Aimakhu

OCB: I saw that film and I was 'waohed'. As an actor, 'hotcake' would you consider the take home pay in nollywood as rewarding?
BV: It's not rewarding but GOD is helping us.

OCB: You dress so well in most of your movies, does that mean you are a fashionista?
BV: I love to look good always, I love fashion. Remember you will be addressed the way u dress.

OCB: What is fashion according to you?
BV: Fashion is a general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, body ...
‎ fashion helps us to show who we are and depict our personality in the terms of visual information.

 OCB: What is your unique selling point?
BV: My stature

OCB: (lol) I figured. Who are/is your role model(s)?
BV: My father,late pastor JA jokotoye,Adebayo salami (oga bello), Yomi fash and Funsho adeolu.

OCB: Are a selective person when it comes to script? Or better still let me say do you select movies before you feature in them?
BV: Yea, I select jobs dat I do. I don't do anyhow job.

OCB: Which nollywood actress would you want to kiss over and over again? And why?
BV: I love 2 kiss bukky wright or genevieve, Cos I love dem both.

OCB: If you are given opportunity to change just one thing in the movie in the industry, what would that be?
BV: I would love to change the way we are being paid for jobs.

OCB: Now, let's go a little bit personal...are you married, Single, searching or in a relationship?
BV: Am single but in a relationship

OCB:(eyes rolling, that's confusing) Describe your ideal woman
BV: Just one thing describes her, she must be GOD fearing.

OCB: As a tall handsome promising young actor, how do you deal with your female admirers?
BV: I respect them and am friendly with them. But, I let does who want another thing know that, I'm not in for that. I love though*

 OCB: (Frankly speaking) It was all over the internet last year, Who is Temitope Bukola Ajayi? What's the relationship like? What went wrong?
BV: Pls, I'm not gonna say anything to the press again. am so sorry.

OCB: Sure, on offence,  let's talk about the most Dynamic Actor Award From MAPOLY, as your first award, how was the experience?
BV: (Happy) woow! I felt so gud when I was called for the award and the reception was great. MAPOLY students were all over me, they showed me love.

OCB: Any awards/nominations after that?
BV: Yea, City people award nomination, Yoruba Movies Academy Award (nominee).

OCB: What's your take about 'Nudity' in nollywood movies? Do you think that's what will take nollywood to the next level?
BV: Not, nudity is not what we need to get to the next level, we need government support but we can't run away from nudity if we need to be natural. I do it, I go nude in some movies.

OCB: (Prank) Say this in English 'how many years I take senior you'
BV: (Laughs) I can't say it in english ooooo

OCB: Advice for upcoming actors?
BV: They should be prayerful, humble, patient and go for auditions.

OCB: How can Your fans reach you?
BV: My fans,I appreciate you all, you can add me on fb Bigvai Rock. I love u all.

OCB: Your favourites (food, designers, perfumes, holiday spot, colour, music, tv station, sport and movies)
BV: I love amala and ewedu,I love Sho le by sean tizzle. I love soundcity and I relax with my guitar by d waterside, I love soccer,I play it, I love colour green,I like zara designs.

OCB: what should we be expecting from Bigvai very soon?
BV: expect my movie soon, DR BROWN. It's a musical story with a difference. See pictures from Dr Brown below.....

 OCB: Your favourite quote?
BV: GOD is GOD without us, HE chose to be GOD with us.

OCB: It's been a pleasure having you as a special guest on the blog today, hope to see you around?
BV: Definitely, anytime, I am priviledge to be here as well.

Waoh! There you'll have it...BIGVAI said a lot but you know the part I grabbed? I won't tell you, ok lemme tell you, where he said he act nude sometimes, ladies do you believe that? Lol, above all, he's such a humble and funny dude. Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to forward your questions to opeyemicareem@yahoo.com or opeswaggs@gmail.com and I promise you ama forward your questions to BIGVAI...


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