Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Gov Rotimi Amaechi Donates 100k USD To Save #OJB

oooooo my GAWT......this is unbelievable, Gov Fashola where hath thou? Gov of Rivers State,Rotimi Amaechi just approved the sum of 100.000.00USD,the total money expected to get Music Producer OJB the required medical treatment.

The initiative was muted  by Jazzman Olofin, and MetroNews Online publisher Femi Davies,contact was made to the Gov via the Political Editor of Thisday,Wale Olaleye.
The Governor promptly approved the total expected sum which will be handed over to OJB by Friday July 5,2013. Just at the right time....ESES PUPO SIR.......


  1. Good man God bless.Wait o what will now happen to the previous donations will OJB give them back to the donors or will he give it to charity, just asking o.

    1. Lol, dem go gv charity ni or beta still do oda tins for oJB like drugs...thks for stopping by...

  2. now we are talkin... Now jst tell me how dis man wont be blessed frnt, back, right nd left..


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