Monday, 29 July 2013

Help I have sex and give birth in my dreams

I am an addicted readers of although I hardly comment,I would like you and your readers to please share knowledge and advice with me concerning an issue I currently have.
I am a pretty young girl of 20, U can refer to me as omoh and I have been having these dreams far back as I can remember, even when I was still a virgin, I would usually see a man in my dreams sometimes someoneI recognise, sometimes an unknown face, he would make love to me then I get pregnant and give birth to a
baby, and the baby is taken from me immediately from birth and when I wake up, I usually feel very sore in my privates and breast like some one who has just delivered,other times I do not get pregnant we just have sex, sometimes when I go to bed really sad I see a man in my dreams who comes to cheer me up andmake me happy and by the time am awake those issues bothering me usually get solved miraculously, then I stopped having these dreams for a while, but now they are back and more vivid nd I usually give birth to a boy in these recent ones.
Now am really scared cause I now hear dreams hold meanings to our lives, and I dn't really have anyone to talk to. I would really appreciate if you and your readers could help me with a meaning, is there something for me to be worried about? or what or where to go to. Thank you and God bless you all.


  1. Omoh,u need a serious prayer,that's spiritual husband u are having sex with in your dreams,pls and pls pray very well,because this is spiritual realm ,and this can delayed someone to get husband not to talk of having childrens,Even if the peraon is lucky to have a husband ,this spiritual husband will make life misrable for that person husband in life,this is spiritual battle,pls talk to your mum or anyone close to u.its very important o

  2. That's spiritual husband ,u need serious prayer,this might cause delay marriage for someone battling with this,if care is not taking for someone facing this might nt married on time not to talk of having kids,this spiritual husband will be delayed for such person,evn if that person have luck of geting someone to married,this spiritual husband will make life miserable for that person life husband ,u need serious prayer to your mum about this or someone that close to u,serious prayer u need,that's wht they call spiritual husband.

  3. Уσυ need †º tell ur parent,if they don't act on it.then уσυ can tell ur pastor's wife. She will know how †º help уσυ out.


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