Friday, 26 July 2013

I Have Purchased The Bell, When It’s Time, I Will ring it- Jude Okoye

Psquare's elder brother and manager recently had an interview with Bayo Adepetu of PM news on why he is not Married.

*.Peter and Paul already have kids; and we all know their heartthrobs. Can you tell us the one in your life?Why are you people always forcing me to come to the public? I don't want to be a celebrity and I am not one of them. I don't sing, dance or act.
I love where I am now (hiding myself) and if I love to do that, how do you expect me to introduce the lady I am dating? Back to your question, I have somebody, yes. That's all.
Like I said, I have somebody but I won't tell you her name.
*.So, when are you kicking bachelorhood?When I will kick bachelorhood, I will call you and my fans to come and eat and drink. Already, I have purchased the bell, when it's time, I will ring it.
*.Why is it taking so long, on a more serious note?It's taking so long because I am waiting for you people. Basically, why I am not yet married is that I don't want to get married because I have all it takes to marry or because I am ripe. I want to get married and feel married so that I will be committed to my wife.

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