Thursday, 18 July 2013


The crisis rocking the embattled marriage of star actress, Doris Simon and estranged hubby, Daniel Ademinokan is taking a more interesting dimension in the court of law. Daniel, who has since eloped with Widow's star actress,  Stella Damasus, alongside their only son, David, recently sent a certificate of  divorce to Simon.  But probing Simon and her lawyer, Barrister Bosun Osifowora found a grey area in the certificate.  It was a fake divorce certificate. In a swift reaction, Doris' lawyer filed a petition and the matter has since gone to court. His claim now contrary to his earlier position has changed. Daniel, currently in America, may have pressed a self-destruct button- he has admitted through his lawyers that he presented to Doris a fake divorce certificate.

Doris lawyer, Barrister Osifowora spoke to E24-7MAGAZINE.

What is the update on Doris and Daniel`s matter?

Not thing much happened in the court actually. They filed a reply to the petition and the lawyer served us but it has been adjourned to October 20th I believe. This is because the courts are going on vacation and will be back in September. But he admitted to serving that thing on Doris. He now claimed that he went to court, he saw a lawyer but didn't know the guy wasn`t a real lawyer. That it was the lawyer that told him not to come, that he would get him his divorce. That it was the lawyer that gave him the thing but I thought that was a foolish admission on their part. But we decided to be silent. So he had admitted to it that he did it unknowingly. I don't know how he wants to plead ignorance. That is basically what he said. So what we are looking to do now by that October is possibly plead -joint but we haven't done that. We are working on it. We will serve them very soon.

We will join Stella Damasus as a co-defendant. That is what we want to do because this is becoming more real than yesterday. This is because they lived together. Initially we thought about it but we don't want to base whatever we do on speculation.

Is that why you waited this long?

Yes. So that is it. But we will serve them and we will avail you a copy. We will join her as a co respondent.

Is Daniel with that admittance pleading for out of court settlement on the divorce paper issue?

No he is not. He is not pleading for out of court settlement. He has just admitted to serving that fake document on her (Doris). That it was a lawyer he got that did it, that the lawyer didn't know what he was doing or that the lawyer was a fake? But that is their admission anyway. He foolishly admitted it. I would not do that as a lawyer.

What about the custody of the son?

Another thing he did was to ask for the custody of their only son, (David) be given to him even though he ran away with him; he claimed he didn't run away with him. That Doris wasn't taking good care of the boy. That it was the reason he took the boy away. That obviously is a lie. That he is trying to enroll the boy in a school in America without the consent of the mother.

So we are going to discredit him based on the fact if he could take a child from the mother under pretence and also served a fake court judgment with the signature of a judge and everything, that the child cannot be trusted with him. That made him criminally liable and somebody of such a character cannot train a child. Also he left his home and  did not properly divorce but co-habiting with another woman, and he is not even the one providing for his daily living over there, then it doesn't show that he is  a credible a person....

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