Thursday, 25 July 2013

'If Bukky Is Bold Enough, Let Her Bring The Baby For DNA Test'- Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye Responds To Paternity Mess

Few days ago, it was posted by some bloggers that Nollywood actor Oreoluwa Bigvai Jokotoye impregnated Bukky Ajayi and has refused to declare himself as the father of the poor baby. When I saw this 'Child Paternity' thingy I was like mehn this is a real one, I tried to get through to the lady in question (Bukky) but without success, knowing fully well that she had already explained her own version via ladunliadi's blog on Tuesday 23rd July, 2013, Click Here But I managed to get through to the actor himself, Bigvai
And he has these to say:

I'm Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye. This is to clear a particular issue on ground as posted by some bloggers that am in a paternity mess. The whole issue started last year when Bukky duped my elder sis 500k ,my senior colleagues,my neigbours and other people she met thru me. Am a man who will never deny whatever I do. I slept with Bukky because we were dating. She's a fraudster, a real one and when she was exposed she decided to spoil my name.

She duped the likes of Antar laniyan, Abbery Lanre, Afeez Eniola, Adebayo Tijani, Toyosi Adesanya, Dupe Jaiyesimin and others. Now, when she told me she was pregnant for me, knowing fully well that I am not the only one sleeping with her, I asked her to bring the baby for a DNA test after delivery which she has refused to do.

She escaped to Dubai and gave birth there because so many people are ready to arrest her here. Bukky Ajayi as usual duped an agent that helped her into Dubai 9,250 dollars and the guy finally got my pin, he told me how Bukky used my name to dupe people in dubai and now she's on the run and beacuse she has been declared WANTED by all.

Now, to those who don't know me nor Bukky but are out there soliciting for her, please tell her to come to Nigeria with the baby and let's do DNA test, if d baby is mine, I will take care of the poor baby. But, am just sure of one thing that Bukky can never come out of her hidden place because of all she did and she's quite sure she would be arrested. To her fans, friends, family and co fraudsters, tell her to bring the baby and I will take d baby if d result says d baby is my blood. Thanks and GOD bless u all.

Well, as a blogger who do not only derive joy in posting juicy gist but also make sure I get to the root of the matter before putting it on my blog, I added the pin named one His Excellency Anjorin Mayowa B (See picture of our chat above) and I asked him about Bukky Ajayi:

Ope: There is one story I hrd I wouldn't mind if u wud like to clear me on dat.
Agent: What is that ?

Ope: About a Nigerian lady 'Bukky Ajayi' rings a bell?
Agent: Bukky..........wait where did you get my pin?

Ope: From a friend during investigation sir
Agent: That's nice

Ope: So, Bukky how well do you know her sir?
Agent: Bukky Ajayi Temitope, she's one of the most useless Nigeria lady outside nigeria that disgrace the image of nigeria outside the country, even, so far now, she has already stop some nigerians to receive mercy neither grace from co Nigeria in abroad.

I was shocked when I heard Bukky Ajayi to save yourself from these mess I would advise you to come out, go do some DNA test and let's know who the real father is....


  1. Good job ∂єαя....keep it up. These celerity sef, lips sealed.

  2. Tanx so much bro. GOD bless u 4 dis. Am sorry bigvai

  3. I wish evry1 is reading dis. Tell ladunjobi to post dis and stop posting rubbish

  4. Hmmmm, short of word.

  5. Great job. Adults without morals.


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