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Meet Oladipupo Olajide, Nollywood Movie Producer/Actor Extraordinnaire!

Oladipo Olajide

Dipo Olajide has been in the industry for quite some time now, thou many might not know him facially but his name is not new to many. Oladipupo has helped so many young actors and actresses achieved their dreams. A prominent movie producer, he is well known for his kind of movie and how well he narrates his stories, OCB caught up with him, and he has these to say, enjoy!

OCB: Hello bro, how are you today?
Dipp: very good and you?
OCB: its good to have you on the blog today.
Dipp: Oh, thanks...same here bro

OCB: Who is Oladipo Olajide (background, education, position in family, growing up)
Dipp: Oladipupo Olajide is someone very nice and humble who respect others and doesn't  take people for granted. I attended methodist primary school Oshodi and Ayo Adegboyega Ejigbo after that I proceeded to Ejigbo high school and later went to holy saviour school Isolo, finished @ muslim collage.

OCB: How and when did you join the yoruba movie industry?
Dipp: I wil say from my mum late sister, she's an actor too,  after her death I joined Babsko group owned  by Prince Jide Kosoko later moved toWunyet films owned by Taiwo Akinwande a.k.a Yetunde Wunmi. The journey is too long, but thank God I am here today.

OCB: What was your first movie experience like?
Dipp: There were lot of challenges because  I was very young then and I have never acted before, I  only produce.  Being a little boy then isn't an easy thing ooo,  but I thank God 2day.

OCB: How many movies have you featured in?
Dipp: anyway not quiet long I started acting but have featured in more than 20 movies.
OCB: Have you produced any movie(s) at all? If yes, list them.
Dipp: yes, many... my first movie was Wonuola which I produced in  year 2000 others are: Idajo  Aiye, Olomori, Aiye Kan Lowa, Omije Opo, Orimi ko, Itusile, Ojo Gbogbo, Toro, Ibudoko, Sekemi, Irole, Egbinrin and the new one aye Nsare.

OCB: Waoh! That's huge, congrats, being an experienced movie producer, what can you say about the poor quality of home videos produced in Nigeria? Why are producers using poor equipments?
Dipp: I really do not want to blame anyone on this, because everybody love the job but we don't have supporters here in Nigeria like other countries, but things are  getting better and I'm very sure we will get there by God's grace, very soon.

OCB: Frankly speaking, do you think 'take home pay' from nollywood is encouraging? Or do you as a producer earn more than an ordinary actor?
Dipp: (Smiles) Anyway,  as for me we are all doing it for the passion we have for the job because actors should be  enjoying more than this, the job isn't a small job at all both producers and actors deserve the best my brother.

OCB: Which of the movies would you consider as most challenging? And why?
Dipp: All my movies but my first movie like I said earlier wasn't that  easy, because I had to shoot it like 3 times.

OCB: Who are your role models?
Dipp: My mother and for colleagues: Opeyemi Aiyeola, Bimbo Oshin, Yetunde Wunmi, Yomi Fash, Yinka Quadri and Akin Lewis.

OCB: If you are given an opportunity to change one thing in the yoruba movie industry, what would that be?
Dipp: I think the old system everybody are using in our industry today, its 2013 we need new things, ideas, innovations and technology and more so we need educated people.

OCB: Do you believe in helping upcoming actors and actresses achieve their dreams in nollywood? If yes, how many people have you helped? Name some.
Dipp: That's me for you, I believe in new talent a lot, don't wanna mention names but have done that to so many people and  I thank God for that,  they know themselves.

OCB: As a producer and actor, how do you relax?
Dipp: I do relax when am free. I can be in my room all through the day.

OCB: Are you married? If yes to who? If no, when should we be expecting? Describe your kind of woman.
Dipp: Not yet but I have someone in my life, my kind of woman must be humble and beautiful at heart.

OCB: Tell us your best food, colour,  music, sport, tv station, best movie....
Dipp: My best food is very funny o, I like garri and coconut with moimoi, music Tope Alabi, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and other great musicians. I like any cool and nice place, any TV station that with good program, best colour is blue and other sweet colours, I love every good movies.
OCB: Which actress would you want to kiss in a movie (winks)?
Dipp: (lols) Mercy Johnson.

OCB: (prank) Say this in english, 'how many years I take senior you'
Dipp: Na laugh matter be dis o, not sure.

OCB: What should we be expecting from you soon?
Dipp: Aye Nsare my newest born lol, I'm sure you all will enjoy this movie trust me.

OCB: Words for your fans.
Dipp: I love all my fans and my good friends they have been supportive since all dis years, one love my peeps.
OCB: Apart from acting and producing, what other thing(s)
are you into?
Dipp: I do other things like event management u can call on me for any kind of occasions.

OCB: How can your fans get accross to you?
Dipp: they can reach me via my facebook page,  Oladipupo Olajide Okanlah or Dipo Olajide on twitter @dipoolajide.

OCB: thank you for stopping by, hope to see you again soon?
Dipp: It is a pleasure, very soon I wil be here again to speak on other things u need to know about me..thanks ope

Waoh! There you have it, that's Oladipo Olajide. Should you require any information, please feel so free to send your me you will get instant response. Enjoy the rest of the day.
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