Thursday, 1 August 2013

#BBATheChase: Housemates Put Up A Strip Show

So they say Alcohol certainly has a way of bringing out the confidence in an individual. The Chasemates (lol) demonstrated this when on Tuesday night, fueled by alcohol they decide to entertain the whole of Africa with a sexy strip show.
After consuming a bottle of vodka, the housemates decided to play the naked numbers game by sitting in a circle and following a countdown order.
When it was Dillish's turn, the Namibian cutie was forced to strip. Initially she objected saying she was too weak from the alcohol, she however caved in to the pressure and finally stripped.
Ghana's Elikem also got to strip down as well. So did Beverly, who flashed a bit of side-boob.

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  1. Make dem continue to show demsefs.... I cld careless


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