Saturday, 3 August 2013

Good News: Damilola Takes Jessica As Bride!

Now enough of gossips and gist, lol let's start this saturday with a good news..... some love in Tokyo or in lagos or in Agbor quality time together(hehe), let's talk about LOVE ! LOVE!! LOVE!!!
Love was so full and flying in the air the day Damilola Akinsehinwa took Jessica as his bride and decided to take the giant step of marriage. It was a beautiful day, July 27th, 2013. It was the day that marked the beginning of a new epoch in the life of two friends. The day two hearts were made one. That day, Damilola became a real man. He paid the bride price of Irabor Jessica Amaka and decided to marry her as his wife.
Even the bible says, "he who finds a wife has found a good thing and obtain favour from the lord". We pray that the favour of the lord locates the new couple and may there home be filled with love, joy, happiness and all the good thing of life.

Happy Married life!!

When two hearts and become one, then new life has started. The perception, and act will differ from what a single Heart does. Damilola is a man now, Jessica is a woman now. They both will live together as husband and wife till death do them part.

Once Again Happy Married Life!!!
Source:Nurudeen Oduniyi(G-Ono)


  1. I am flattered! Thanks do much!!

  2. Yea bro...knew its the dimitri boss... One love

  3. Still like a dream come tru...never believe. Dami can really take jessy home... He's challenging I guess. Read several mails challenging. I wish to get married soon...bouh who's gonna be that special kinda gurl. My sis best friend, my mum last daughter. So confused. Dami.... You the bo$$


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