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"Ok I Am Not Doing DNA Again, Let Bukky Come Out With My Baby"- Bigvai Oreoluwa Jokotoye

Still on the child paternity issue between actor Bigval and socialite Bukky.....before I go into details, here is a quick recap of what happened:
*Last year, Bigvai and Bukky's story went viral on the internet.
*This year, it sprang up again when Bukky Ajayi went online saying she has a baby for Bigvai
*I spoke with Bigvai, he did not deny but requested a DNA and expanded more on Bukky's dubious activities saying she is hiding presently cos people are looking for her. Bigvai further said 'if Bukky is Bold Enough She should bring the baby for DNA test', if it test +ve, he swear down to accept the baby.
*Yesterday, Bukky mailed me and she said 'Bigvai Jokotoye Is mad' she claimed she is not wanted by police either in Dubai or Nigeria, she further said she is in you do understand the whole story....
I later had a chat with Bukky Ajayi and she has the following to say:

Bukky Ajayi's words (note***no part of this conversation is removed, this is exactly what she told me)
There is a lot to dis, Oreoluwa bigvai jokotoye is mad, He nid to visit aro for treatment. I came bk to d country last friday due to d stupid blog Bigvai is sendin around,wen i got to Nigeria i kal ladunliadun's blog and inform her dat am bak, She told me to kal Bigvai and i refuse but i send his friend to him dat am bak but "HE TOLD IS FRIEND TO TELL ME DAT I SHOULD KAL HIM, I REFUSE COZ I CAN NEVER KAL A MAD DOG LIKE HIM"
But on Tuesday Ladunblog spoke with me dat i should SEND A TEXT to him and send her a copy of which i did...

opεcarεεm™: Can I see d copy of the text?

SMS: Am in Nigeria now wen do we meet for d DNA test?
Dat is d text, He didnt rply at all.

opεcarεεm™: Till now?

Bukky Ajayi (BBM display name :*Ayomikun noni({}) \=D/ (*)) : But dis nty ♍Ɣ‎​‎​‎​ mummy called him coz since all dis days she never called him,♍Ɣ‎​‎​‎​ mummy told him dat wat is doin is on fear, he started abusing ma mummy and he hang up on ma mummy. After dat BIGVAI SENT ME A TEXT "am so hapi 2day, ur mother called me and i recorded her voice. She said u are both sendin assasin 2 me soon. i av an evidence now." That's the sms Bukky claimed Bigvai sent*
Dat is bigvai rply 5min after ♍Ɣ‎​‎​‎​ mummy called him (bukky said) He has bin hiddin number to kal ♍Ɣ‎​‎​‎​ mummy wth different voice threatin her dat dey r coming to Ibadan to kill her and her daughter,

opεcarεεm™:So you are ready for DNA?

Bukky Ajayi (BBM display name :*Ayomikun noni({}) \=D/ (*)): yes, Plss tell him wth d DNA test money COS I CAN NEVER USE MA MONEY TO PAY A DIME. Dat is all i want frm him.

opεcarεεm™: So what is it with you duping Antar laniyan and others?

Bukky Ajayi (BBM display name :*Ayomikun noni({}) \=D/ (*)): Dupin Antar so funny PLSS INTERVIEW DEM for u to know better.
Av send a mail to ladunblog, let me send you a copy: PROVE YOU ARE NOT THE CHILD'S FATHER BY MAKING YOURSELF AVAILABLE FOR THE DNA TEST.....well, I really appreciate everyone, who has made a comment either positive or negative on the blog, which Actor Big Val(oreoluwa Jokotoye)denies the paternity of my child. I really don't want to say much because I what is hidden in the eyes of men is clear in the sight of God. I would like to issue this statement to make it clear to everyone that I AM NOT HIDING and will really appreciate it, if Actor (oreoluwa Jokotoye) Bigval would make himself available for the childs DNA test as soon as possible. THIS IS ALL I REQUEST OF HIM TO PROVE HE HIS THE BIOLOGICAL FATHER OF THE CHILD. I would like to say a big thank u to everyone for their contributions on this matter. thanks so much and God bless.
Bukky further said:
"He make mention of is sister i av evidence nd prove abt it But i dnt want to talk abt it All i wan is d DNA test!"
After all these, I contacted Bigvai and told him everything that Bukky is ready for interview: he said he would get back to me, no sooner, bukky pinged me saying Bigvai just text her saying " Next Week Friday we meet at Ikeja General Hospital by 9am, if the baby is mine I will take care of him, tanx":
From what I am seeing, I don't think Bigvai is running away from his responsibilities....when I asked Bukky what next, she said:

Bukky Ajayi (BBM display name :*Ayomikun noni({}) \=D/ (*)): Imagine general hospital, I can't take it, Why nt private hospital?

opεcarεεm™: Anywhere he chooses just go so as to clear all these.

Bukky Ajayi (BBM display name :*Ayomikun noni({}) \=D/ (*)): NO, I need a private hospital.

opεcarεεm™: Well you two have to sort that out right o

Bukky Ajayi (BBM display name :*Ayomikun noni({}) \=D/ (*)): U mean i should luk for hospital? He has to luk for it.

opεcarεεm™: I am not saying u shd, I SAID 2 of you should try n fix a place

Bukky Ajayi (BBM display name :*Ayomikun noni({}) \=D/ (*)): ​kα̲̅γ̲̣̣̥
Waoh, now I am really speechless this is getting more complicated by the day, that's bukky's part...its good now cos have heard from both sides...BIGVAI want DNA TEST, BUKKY IS READY!!! Bigvai Chooses Ikeja general hospital, Bukky wants a Private hospital.....
Read Bigvai's message below:
Seems u re really interested in dis bukky
She wants 2 be known
I av said my own,and afte wat I said,am nt ready 2 talk 2 d press again. U can alwys talk 2 her and publish her lies. But,I will forever stand on my point. Tell ur friend to bring the baby to me and present herself not hidding. Tanx.
And I replied him that I do not know Bukky from Asam she saw my post and mail me....
He replied and said: Ok, am not even doing DNA again, d baby is mine but bukky shld come 2 me wit d baby, I want 2 see my baby.
I guess that clears it all, thank you Bigvai for accepting your responsibility, its now up to bukky to go to Bigvai with the baby.
What do you suggest should Bigvai change Hospital, should Bukky agree with Bigvai....what can you sense from these...

Please drop your comments.....
Pls stay locked to I promise to bring you the story as new thing unfolds....Bon vouyage.


  1. Complications....When Bigval wan bukky bring the baby to him "IN" person, what his the guy up to.....and beside, ask bukky if she can get the babe to him in person. Seems them 2 wanna sort stuffs out, like sometin is fishing. All eyes are on both of you. You play pranks with each other lifes, no one is above the law. People are people's fans. I knw my fans and my fans are ready to protect me with everything. This isn't game, lifes are involve, no pranks.

  2. Ope, my own advice, this issue has been trashed out now, Bigvai has proved to be a man of integrity that he is, I think there is more to that bukky of a girl....Bigvai, I am still your no1 fan-Yinka from Kaduna

  3. Bukky is a liar, she cann neva com out from wers she's hidden. She is the mad person and bigvai is the maddest, opecareem stop stressing ur self ova dis useless issue. Bukky is a big 419 she duped bigvai sis I'm aware of dat and bigvai too is a gold digger, dem fit theirselves. Bukky is jes seeking attention. She has forgotten she confessed to sompple she neva gave big vai any 2million wch we av d evidence. She also confessed she collected mony frm bigvai sis and the mony was used to buy things in their house. She has also forgotten she told som pple she has baba alaye wey dey giv am mony. She was decieved by som pple who said the baby looks like bigvai. Whether general or private make she bring d baby for Dna whether police no go arrest am cz all d pple she don duped dey ground. Bukky na were bigvai sef kosunwon. Randarandan pple. And to u opecareem becareful cz dis mata no b today mata na lastyear else bukky go rope u, she sabi munch wella. She go dupe u sef if u r not careful. I av spoken

  4. Bukky should fuck off and stop saying rubbish mehn.....Bigvai is the man, case closed, he wants test in a govt hosp but u want to go and coincide wit a private doctor for fake result....douh, e lo gbomo folomo ke kuro ninu ibi te sa pamo si

  5. Ope forget that issue, post oda news if you ever say a word abt them again I will never visit ur blog! Bukky want attention, both of them get for hand......thk u

  6. Ope welldone but pls 4gt dis pple. I knw bukky wella,she can do and undo but don't wanna talk abt her here cos she wants cheap publicity,dat s all. @ u dat call Bigvai a gold digger,dat s a big lie,am a woman and I knw him 2 well,he needed a woman 2 marry wen he met Bukky cos d lady he was dating wasn't ready 2 marry him and he tot he could marry Bukky. Don't wanna bring issues again joo,ope if possible,remove dis post and tell bukky 2 gv bigvai his baby.Anike

  7. All they need is patient

  8. Bukky,go 2 govt hospital,since u re not d 1 paying why telling him private hospital? Moreover,he said he wants his baby and dat s what u said initially dat he didn't accpt d baby and now dat he has accepted,pls wat else do u want oooo?

  9. @Anonymous3 August 2013 19:02 I'm sure u don't know bigvai at all cz if u do u will know he's a gold digger, he has duped lot of babes tru diffrent stories.if his mama no sick, he go wan pay for house rent, his car spoil, he neva chopp diff diff stories. He neva knew bukky from nower, bukky lied and entered him and he fell for bukky all in d name of I jes got back from abroad and I want to produce a movie. Stop covering him. Say wat u knw and don't take sides both of dem are 419. Shikeena. I know dem well. Bukky na bloody liar. She no fit com out lailai

  10. Ope, ds story get k-leg, pls dnt let dem put u in btw, oro oko ati iyawo ko se dasi. Ders more 2 ds dan all we reading. Between Bigvai and Bukky we no even knw who wan dupe who, both of dem r smart. The guy @ 1st said the baby is not his, dat bukky shld bring him 4 DNA, bukky declined; Now the girl is ready.Bigvai said Gen hosp, bukky declined, she said private;The guy is now saying he wants the baby, wat is it der r trying 2 do, prolong issue. I think dey r enjoying the publicity.

  11. @ u dat said my frnd is a gold digger,did u gv him 2M too? Cos,dis guy has given his little changes 2 help pple dat I knw ooo. He spends his birthday evry year with motherless babies and also gv 2 d poor,so I don't see him as a gold digger my bro/sis. Even if he s,he s still giving it 2 lot of pple out dere. I met him during 1 of his charity tin. Let s just leave dem both and advise bukky 2 give d baby 2 d father who insists he wants his baby.

  12. See ope i dnt even knw wat 2 say abt this issue, but all i can say Ȋ̝̊̅§ dat G̲̮̲̅͡φd̲̮̲̅͡ should take perfect control ☀̤̣̈̇f this issue º°˚˚˚°ºo


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