Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tonto Dikeh Apologises to Fans....

Once again,Tonto is in the news again and this time the buzz is hot.....she fell down hosting Iyanya's Kukere concert in the London two days ago June 9,2013.
The whispers say she was drunk but I am wondering why she would drink to go out and host a show.....I don't altogether believe that she was drunk....her dress looks unsuitable for the event and i cannot see her shoes but if she was on high heeled shoes and strutted wrongly, she would probably land on the floor...which is what happened.
I know she has her own fair share of haters who will not waste time in roasting her on the anonymous platform ...which is all good.
Accordind to Stella Dimoko Korkus , I asked her ''Tonto what happened to you last night on stage at the Kukere concert in the UK?Were you drunk?Na wah oh''
Her response  was ''Stella I wasn't drunk but i fell down alright. did you see what i wore?who wouldn't fall dancing in that. The floor was very slippery .I actually had a different outfit made for dancing and nobody told me that my first coming out would be to dance, it was initially planned differently.

I sincerely apologise to my London fans for witnessing that. it definitely will not happen again and i hope the love is still burning for me. Thanks to everyone who came out specially because of me,I am really grateful and honoured..''
It takes a strong man to apologise in the face of such negative uproar and she has done just that..I actually thought she would say its nobodys business that she fell but she responded well..I guess shes taking to advice that she is too confrontational...there is hope after all.
Ya'all who feel disappointed by her fall, please accept the apology and moveon.....LOL.
*twisting my waist and expressive bumto Iyanya's kukere*

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