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Exclusive Interview with Top South African Model- Jimi Ogunlaja

Jimi Owobo Ogunlaja

Yippe! It's a beautiful Tuesday, isn't it? Of course it is! No wonder I have a very special model of life, Hot, Humble, Funny,  *Segxy*, Swagnificiently  Endowed, Black  and True definition of what an African man should look like here with me on the blog. He is Jimi Owobo Ogunlaja, a TOP MODEL, I have 2 news for you ladies, the first one is bad doh, he is in a relationship, and the second one is a good news, guess what? He is not married yet*lol* who knows, you might just be d *****complete it* Anyways, enjoy the gist, trust me we had a nice chat!

OCB:  Its been a while bro,  How are you?
JO:I am very well thank you
OCB: Who is Jimi Ogunlaja? State, home town, birthday, family, educational bkground...
JO:  Jimi is an easy going, energetic  and positive spirited guy born and raised in Iperu Remo Ogun State.
secondary school education from Mayflower school Ikenne (proudly Ex-may) and Olabisi Onabanjo University Ogun State,
studied Computer science and Accounting.
OCB: Was modelling like a dream, calling or a flair?
JO: well lets call it a dream, a flair and calling
OCB:  How did you break into the fashion/modelling industry?
JO: It all started in Nigeria in the year 2003 and then moved to South Africa in the year 2008 where i got signed by a big agency Shine
OCB: If you wanna talk about supermodels in Africa and you fail to mention JOO (jimi Owobo Ogunlaja) the story is not yet
complete, how does this makes you feel?
JO: Honestly, makes me proud and grateful to God for never letting me down. I'm remain inspired.
OCB: Tell me about your experience as a top model? Then recently you were rated among the 10 sexiest Nigerian men alive, how do you feel?
JO: Things are a lot more different if you are on top of your game, lots of expectations from you based on your reputation and you have to stay more focused and keep strong. Well the top 10 sexiest men alive rating is quiet encouraging I feel appreciated back home.
The support is a form of security. wish i was being payed for that thou.....hahahahahaha

OCB:  For a Nigerian model to be so successful even in SA it has to take a whole lot of hard work, why are you more popular in SA than SA models themselves?
JO: I don't see it that way, the success is honestly the collective efforts and divine creativity of each and every individual I am opportune to work with.
OCB: What is your unique selling point?
JO: my unique selling point is my skin color but i have to warn you, you might not see my face in the
OCB: Who is or are your role model(s)?
JO: God is my role model and im highly inspired by success in every form.
OCB:  If you are not modelling,what would you have been doing?
JO: I was acting before i moved to SA (TINSEL MNET SERIES SEASON 1) so i guess i would have been a big Naija movie star but lets save the best for the last, i heard im a natural.
OCB: Do you even relax at all? How?
JO: I have lots of time to relax you cant even imagine. my best is sleep but i enjoy having fun.
OCB: Let' s go a lil bit personal...what's your relationship status? Who's the lucky girl? If you are not in any relationship state Y?
JO: hahahahahahaah... my facebook status says in a relationship so that is all i will let out for now.

OCB: What do you want to be remembered for?
JO: I wanna be remembered for the positive change im able to impact any and everywhere i go.
OCB:  How do you cope with your female fans?
OJ: I adore all my fans especially the females i wonder how they cope with me sometimes.
OCB:  Where do you see yourself in 5years time?
JO: I run a catwalk academy now called JIMISTERIO CATWALK ACADEMY which enables me reach out to young and aspiring models
so in 5years im sure i will have employment capacity to create job opportunity.
OCB:  Dress wise, what will you not be caught dead wearing?
JO: 16. I wont be caught dead wearing G STRING... lol
OCB:  Most embarrassing moment?
JO: hahaha i wont tell, still embarrassed but funny to me now. it was on one new years eve.
OCB: Happiest moment?
JO:  happiest moment is when im relaxing perhaps dance
OCB: Any awards yet? If yes, state some.
JO: I won the best male model award in 2007 at the Kanu Nwakwo heart foundation fashion show
OCB:  What's your take about nudity in fashion industry?
JO:  As long as its not porno nudity or anything offensive, i have absolutely nothing against it. you cant hide beauty
OCB:  Health tips for guys?
JO:  health tips will be love, eat , pray and sleep
OCB: What's your statistics?
JO: I am 1.85m(6'1), waist 32, suit 40L, shoe11.
OCB: What are you cooking up for now?
Your favourite qoute?
JO: For now,  i am im training more models and preparing them for a bright future. Make hay while sunshine is my favorite quote.
OCB: Who Is your crush?lol.
JO: my crush...hahaha  she doesn't want me to mention her name in another interview.
OCB: Words for upcoming models?
JO: Upcoming models should keep thier heads up, complete their education program and put God first in all things then sky is just a stepping stone.
OCB: For your fans, if they want to reach you, where and how?
JO: You can email me on, follow me on twitter @jimibold.
thank you.
That was Jimi Ogunlaja, I bet you all enjoyed the convo? Well, if you have some more questions for Jimi, just drop your comments or email me and I will get your questions sent directly to him!

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