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'I am a mechanic, Carpenter and Electricia​n'-Says Ejika crooner, GT Da Guitarman, Must read!

Ope: How are you?
GT: I am very fine thank you
Ope: Could you pls tell me a lil about GT? State, home town, birthday, family, educational bkground...
GT: Well, my names are Gbemiro Olaoluwa Akingbogun Tokunbo. AKA GT da Guitarman. GT means Gbemiro Tokunbo. I hail from Obafemi owode local Government area of Ogun state. I was born in  east dulwich groove,london UK. Two years after I was born, my parent brought me back to Nigeria and I have been staying here all my life. Educational background, I went to community primary school in Mile2 and secondary school  was in mayflower Ikenne and Amuwo Odofin high school in Ogun state and Lagos state respectively. I studied Economics in LASU. Family background, I am the second child, first son out of 3, I am a Nigerian, a musician....ehm what else do you wanna know(smiles).

Ope: Was music like a dream or what?
GT: I think whatever any man has become in his lifetime started from having a dream about it, you have to dream about something before you achieve it. Music was a dream.
Ope: How did you enter the music ind?
GT: I started as a fan,listening to music, my radio was my best friend and people kept telling me that I could do it, I have the voice, you know the general encouragement.

 My dad had huge collection of Ebenezer Obey, Sunny Ade and the likes, my sister was a member of the choir, she bring songs home, we learn and have fun. But late ron in years, I found out that music was one of the few things that makes me happy. I joined a lot of groups, most of them never really became successful because they didn't have the zeal. Names like 4generation, pears of gloves  (laughs) funny names you will say. Eventually I decided to pick the guitar, I started learning, really, learning the guitar was another story on its own, and that was how the journey started.
In 2005, I actually was pasting posters for a valentine's day show but I was nursing a dream to be on the show, the show was organised by my friend's brother who happened to be a lecturer, he had people like Omo baba1, Mrkool, Blackface, Soundsultan andd the likes, so I thought that it will be a great opportunity if I could be on the show, I approached the organiser, he said "you wanna sing" I said yes, I told him I play the guitar, he. Auditioned me and put me on the show. And on the day of the show, I waohed the audience and OmoBaba1 started managing me, took me to nite of a thousand laughs, so many shows. Same 2005, a friend of mine introduced me to Dare art Alade who introduced me to storm records. I signed a 3 year deal and I ended up staying for 5 years. I left storm records and I started my company EMBER ENTERTAINMENTS.

Ope: Which of ur songs made you who you are today?
GT: The truth is, every new song that I have released actually has its own way of contributing to the person you have now. The song that brought me out was DREAMER.
Ope: How many albums do you have to ur credit?
GT: I have an album to my credit which I released under storm records. That's my debut album and its called THE TRUTH. It has 14 tracks on it, it has songs like dreamer, truly,I don't wanna, o shi ma gbomi,maga, hussles and so many other great songs.

Ope: How many known artist have you featured and has featured you?
GT: I have featured quite a number of artist and most of them too has featured me, I have had opportunity to be in songs that Featured artistes like jazzman olofin, dare art alade, sasha, nkiru, Ikechukwu, Naeto C, General Pype, late Dagrin, Vector d viper, and Ruggedman in Ejika remix.

Ope: How wud you describe your choice of music?
GT: My choice of music is basically fussion of rock, soul and African rythym.
Ope: Who is or are your role model(s)?
GT: TuFace, Michael Jackson, Boys 11 men, Westlife, and so many other known great artistes.
Ope: If you are not singing,what wud you have been doin?
GT: GT (the brand) is only a musician..Gbemiro Olaolu Akigbogun can do a lot mentioned..I am into a whole lot of other stuff, I am also a student of self reliance, meaning that I learn fast, I am that kind of person that can survive on an island, I am a mechanic, carpenter, electrician ***lol**but I do these only to myself o, I don't do other people's car or generator, I just do it for fun,  I am just vast, I can fit into any sector.
Ope: Do you even relax at all? How?
GT: Well, relaxing, I do relax, I chat with my fans, but u know music could be very demanding, coupled with the fact that I am the CEO of Ember entertainment and I have to oversee a whole lot of other stuff. Granting interviews, shoot videos, meetings, conferences **smiles* but really, I have been able to balance most of these things together, sometimes sleep, sometimes hangout with friends, but the truth is that I do relax!
Ope: Let' s go a lil bit personal...what's your relationship status? Who's the lucky girl? If you are not in any relationship state Y?
GT: **sighs** well, I am very sure those questions are not for GT da guiterman because GT is married to his music but Gbenro Tokunboh is in a relationship.
Ope: What do you want to be remembered for?
GT: I want to be remembered for great music, music that touches life, I wanna be remembered for being a force in my generation, someone who reaches for his goal.
Ope: I am one of ur greatest fan, that ur song 'dreams' rily got me thinking wen it first came out, what was the inspiration behind that touching song?

GT:  Oh thank you, DREAMER was written years back based on a personal experience. Like I said earlier, I was born in UK in 1984 and my parent didn't stay too long in the UK, they left before I was two, and I do tell my friends that when I finish secondary school, I am going back to UK where I was born, I was just happy that I wanna leave Nigeria but after secondary school I went to the embassy for my right of abode and british passport and I was told that had it been I was born 1983 I would have gotten it, so I missed it by a year. It was like all my hopes, dreams and my world shattered, it was crazy, I got home and later I wrote Dreamer "When am I gonna be what I wanna be" **sings**
Ope: Where do you see yourself in 5years time?

GT: Life is a journey, in the next 5 years, well I hope to be alive, I am still going to be on this path touching live, cos that's where my passion lies. I just wanna be better than now, man proposes, God disposes.
Ope: Dress wise, what will you not be caught dead wearing?

GT: I really don't know, I am that kind of person who will not like to put myself in a box especially when we are talking about a future event, change is the only constant thing, I could wear ANYTHING!

Ope: Most embarrassing moment?
GT: I have had quite a number of embarrassing moments. I remember when my car broke down in traffic, that was really embarrassing and some students were singing my song 'dreamer'. Then when people write stuff about you that are not profound it could be embarrassing but really, all these things don't get to me most times. Sometimes you get on stage and your guiter won't just play, mehn so many things and your fans are waiting for you to waoh them ***chukkles**
Ope: Happiest moment?
GT: The day I started Ember entertainment and registered was a great moment in my life. When I also got award nomination in France last year October I was also more than happy. My happiest moments are times I shared with my fans. When I look into their eyes and they are waohed with my performance, I feel so good and satisfied.

Ope: Any awards yet? If yes, state some.
GT: The best award that an artiste can get is from his fanS, when they see you on the street and they are like oh you are doing great stuff. I have been nominated in quite a number of awards, hiphop world, channel o award,  I have won quite a few, so many organisations and schools. The biggest so far was the France 24 discovery thing, I was the first Nigerian to be nominated ever since they started the award in 1987 and that was a big deal to me, you know I represented Nigeria.

Ope: What's your take about nudity in musical videos?
GT: The truth about nudity is that if people don't ask for it or buying it, they won't be doing it, I believe its not a musical issue alone, what people wanna hear about is sex, if you talk about real life stuff, stuff that will motivate people, they won't pay attention but when you talk about sex, their ears will stand like 'antenna' ***lol* and as a business man you have to inculcate that if you don't have moral. If you didn't come from a very strong moral background, you will fall into that. I am just concerned about the kids that are not meant to be listening to these things. So I suggest that the body that censors video should really come in and make some laws.

Ope: If you receive an award who are the first 3 people you will dedicate it to?
GT: Every award I get, I always dedicaye it to people, my fans and that encompasses people who has been supportive because I see them as fans and friends. Then I give kudos to my colleagues in the industry, then God first!
Ope: Your favourite qoute?
GT: My favourite qoute is " life is a journey and not a destination, there are no mistakes just chances that we've taken, lay down your regret cos all you have is now".
Ope: Who Is your crush?lol.
GT: Lol, well I don't do crushes cos I have a girlfriend and even if I have one, I wouldn't probably talk about it, but any lady can attract me basically if she's got brains, I have this thing for women with brains, if you have got brains and you are brilliant I just might be crushing on you.

Ope: Words for upcoming act?
GT: To believe in themselves, if anybody can, then they can too. Trust God, be humble instead of chasing the limelite, let the limelite chase you. Do something great and people will celebrate you. So many upcoming artiste these days keep concentrating on getting themselves on TV and when they get there, they have nothing to offer. When you work hard, from the enviroment it will spread, then believe in God.
Ope: For your fans, if they want to reach you, where and how?
GT: Shout out to all my fans who has been there for me. I appreciate, if you wanna reach me, reach me on twitter @gtdaguitarman and on facebook or better still email me here I will always reply, cheers!!!
Its been a pleasure chatting with you GT, thks for the time.
GT: You are welcome.

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