Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Undead!!!

Well, i got this email yesterday and i think sharing it with you guys won't be a bad idea.....i posted this yesterday, twas deleted...hhhmmmm, enemies......
Unlike most people, I prefer to do most of my thinking and pondering in the darkness of my room. Most nights my thoughts are too much to handle, and I seek refuge in talking a friend or two. I’ve met many people via social networks and because I have no life I’m almost always meeting new people to talk to. College starts in six months so until then I’m stuck at home. Just like every other night, I had no plans and wasn’t able to fall asleep, so i got up and checked my computer.
Seeing who was online, I invited Dana, a friend I've found a little bit of midnight comfort for a chat. We exchanged our normal small talks of hey & hi's. She was going to a soccer game(hmm weird right?) and said she wasn't able to reply as fast as I  needed her to,at least to bring me out of my boredom. I logged off and picked up the remote to the TV when my phone beeped with a message.
Looking at it I thought about the fact that I never receive picture messages from anyone but my girlfriend. and that bought more than just my attention it added curiosity too.
   The text was marked urgent and was from Dana. Surprisingly I didn’t think anything strange as I stood there staring at a girl who appeared to be the living dead. I was however crept out when I read the caption beneath the picture.
(Which says...
"Now that you’ve started to read this you cannot stop.
I was killed by my boyfriend in 1985 because I refused
to have sex with him. I rose from the dead, hacked off his balls,
and hung him leaving him to bleed to death. The first guy to get
this message was name Jake Alston. He got this message deleted it,
and went to bed. He slept peacefully that night but woke up staring
me in the eye. I hacked his balls and hung him upside down like a
slaughtered animal dripping blood. I then made my way through the house
and killed his parents for being witnesses to their son’s murder.
Delete this message if you want to suffer the same fate.

If you want
protection you must send this to twenty other people and spread word
of my story. Everyone must know I’m “THE UNDEAD”.

We played all sorts of pranks in high school and many type that falls in resemblance with this one. I just thought “well why should I be bothered?”(If you were me,you would think likewise) I joked about it with Dana and deleted( Damn! Bad move). It was 2:30 am and I finally fell asleep. It was a very peaceful and blissful sleep, no dreams, no sleep-talking, but I kept waking up to the thoughts of my girlfriend. I’m in love with her and that is all I can tell you now. At least, that is all she wants me to tell you now. By her, I meant the girl in the picture. Yes, the undead girl found me, I don't know how. I woke up before dawn after I felt a warm breeze brush slowly past my face. I wouldn’t have thought twice about the draft in my house except both the air conditioner and fan were turned off. I turned on the reading light, and the warm breeze moved quickly around me raising the sheets beneath me. I stated feeling uneasy as I sat up. I thought to myself “I’m an adult, ghost stories aren't real”, so I turned the light off and lay back down. It was drawing close to 5:00 am. I intended to go back to sleep, but as soon as the lights were off I felt the movement again. This time it was a lot sharper and warmer than the first and it brushed past the side of my face carrying with it a sound, like a whisper.

I can't say for sure what it said due to the loudness of my heartbeat in my ears. I knew at that moment that something was in my room,something strange,something dark. That something was ........UNDEAD!

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