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Unveiling Nollywood Next Big Deal-Henry Arnold!

Henry Arnold
 Good people of this great blog, how are you today? I know you are doing FAB!
First, my guest on the blog today is Henry Arnold, kai! U go fear Oyinbo name nah*
From the popular TV series  So Wrong So Wright......he is an actor and also an artist, guess what? Today is his birthday, waoh! From all OCBreaders worldwide we wanna wish you a happy belated super duper birthday, joyeux anniverssaire! Let's enjoy his convo below.

OCB: How are you?
HA:  I'm fine thank you

OCB: Who is Henry Arnold? State, home town, birthday, family, educational background...
HA: Arnold as I'm called by my 'famble' is a cool,humble and a serious minded individual, might not be totally religious but love God. I am from Ijebu ode LG area of
OLATUNDE OKUNNIYI, is the name but popularly
known as "ARNOLDEN" I am Born to a
Sierra Leonean mother and a
Nigerian Father. Am from a typical African family of a nuclear set up, I'm the last of six. Was born in S/L on June 1st in the 80's. I am a  graduate of Health Management and Biostatistics OAU Ife.

OCB: Was acting  like a dream or what?
HA: (laughs) actually I can't say its like a dream but would say opportunities along the way came as a dream. I actually started the art in the year 1997 then with SACA ( Sierra Leone Art and Cultural Agency)

OCB:  How did you enter the movie ind?
HA:  Just as anyone or everyone would say, I was invited for an Audition and I went and the multitude I saw almost made me throw up cos of shyness (laughs), But to my utmost surprise I got the Job and it was for a movie.


OCB: Which of soap or movie  made you who you are today?
HA:  Actually am no where yet, I am far far far from where I am meant to be, and I can't make a  particular list of movies or soaps at the moment. But for soaps would say SWSW

OCB: How many albums/movies do you have to your credit?
HA: Albums none at the moment still pushing my single "Dreaming" For movies 8 If am not making a mistake for now.

OCB:  How many known artist have you featured?
HA: For now none

OCB: How many artistes/actors have featured you?
HA: Had 9 features already from different artist of different genre

OCB: How would you describe your choice of music? And your style of acting?
HA: My choice of music is unique and its new. I call it Rock fusion. Basically its just a fusion of Rock into different other genre still maintaining the same feel. In "dreaming" I brought, Rock, Hip Hop, Afro Hip Hop and Soul Into one song.....and my acting, I am natural, the deal is to understand the characterisation.

OCB:  Who is or are your role model(s)?
HA: Hmmmmm, my inspirations are from beyond. I have some individuals I admire most in my choice of career and they are Hounsou Djimoh ,Chris Hemworth, 2Face idibia, Michael Jackson.

OCB:  If you are not singing/acting, what would you have been doing?
HA: I would've been the 9 to 5 CS sitting in front of a Computer in an Hospital or a company.

OCB: Do you even relax at all? How?
HA:  Yes o...."Body no be firewood" but I only do that when am not busy


OCB: Let' s go a little bit personal...what's your relationship status? Who's the lucky girl? If you are not in any relationship state Y?
HA:  #sigh anyways Her name **withheld**.........but she is not in Nigeria.....I Love her so much

OCB: Who Is your crush? lol.
HA: (I don't drink that) *laughs Actually I have a girlfriend good,but that doesn't restrict me from being attracted to peeps but only if u think independent and you've got brains. Why not!?

OCB:  What do you want to be remembered for?
HA: For my Craftsmanship, For my Generosity, I want to be a name every child would want to reckon with

OCB:  How do you cope with your female fans?
HA: My relationship remains mutual and platonic

OCB: Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
HA: 6 years ago when I was asked such I said so many things which some were fulfilled and others still on pending but I'll say "ALL TO GOD" let time and chance define our existence but for record sake I'll say at the zenith of my chosen career

OCB: Dress wise, what will you not be caught dead wearing?
HA: 'Oversized' or 'under sized' dress. Good its trendy, its in vogue but if its not my taste I won't wear them

OCB: Most embarrassing moment?
HA: I was on a VIP session last december during the festive period and a glass of champagne fell and the content poured on my outfit and it wasn't on my shirt but on my bowel and it was as if I pee on myself (Laughs)

OCB: Happiest moment?
HA: When I got my first major role for a Movie won't mention that yet

OCB:  What's your take about nudity in musical videos? Then Nudity in nollywood movies?
HA: I wouldn't want to stress much about that...because every concept must have its  goal and a writer or a singer's idea can only be brought alive by a director. Secondly its a give and take thingy, if people don't ask for it, they won't buy it. I remember the embrace "Spartacus" the movie got because of its sexual scenes. And I could still remember a friend telling me Nollywood actors are not as perfect as their Ghanian counterpart because they show him the real deal. Sex sell is the quote, people are not ready to listen to morals anymore

OCB:  Any awards yet? If yes, state some.
HA: None at the moment

OCB: If you receive an award who are the first 3 people you will dedicate it to?
HA:  My God, My MuM/My Agent and My Fans

OCB:  Your favourite quote?
HA: Those that were have gone, they never came with and they left without any, But their legacy speaks"


OCB:  Words for upcoming act?
HA: This is it.......Work Hard, Believe in yourself and Believe in God

OCB:  For your fans, if they want to reach you, where and how?
HA: Shout to my wonderful Fambles" I call my fans famble" its a word in Krio meaning Family. To reach me follow me on twitter: @ArnoldenTHAT_NT and on facebook: oR Henry Arnold

OCB: Its been a pleasure chatting with you Arnolden, thanks for the time.
HA: Thank you so much

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