Tuesday, 16 July 2013


I am sure you guys have seen man of steel, iron man and all that.

 what if we have our own version, like Woman of corper (To star Tonto Poko) Jim Bond (To star Nollywood finest, jim Iyke alongside his Ghanian love, Nadia Buhari plus number one Amebo in naija, LINDA IKEJI), Gold Chicken (To star Nollywood Diva Genevieve).

Well I'm just saying, I saw these pictures and I was like 'waoh' oh moi gawt! Photoclass or photoschool or photoshop this is a great movie idea!

Nollywood make we try change small nah, enough of movie titles like : Ori were, Pata pupa, love of teachera, carpenter's love, if u kill me I must die, Rice and beans, lagos to ijebu, Gsm babes, Blackberry babes, android divas, beyonce and shakeerah, celine dion and janet jackson......

ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH, trust me you really do not want me to continue with these awkward, meaningless, dou funny, shallow titles like that....its 2013 !!! Fine, we are the second largest movie producing industry in the world, now I know that's gonna waoh you, lol smh, but the question is what do we really produce? JUNKS!!! ***sobs*** Imagine I was telling some of my friends during the last CDS that I saw a Nigerian movie where a ghost was sitting under a banana tree thinking about his life, later he stood up to cross the busy express road, guess what? He was looking left and right to check if the road is safe enough to cross...(Pls don't laugh I am seriously crying here) or another movie where you will see a flashback to 1983 in lagos and you see BRT, lasma, vote for BRF sometimes you may even see Jim Iyke passing through a billboard where Davido posses for MTN in 1983...its a pity! Its high time we grew up! Nevertheless I must not fail to appreciate some movies and producers that I believe they are doing great and still have so much more to offer nollywood: Royal Art Academy(desmond idiot, sorry Elliot , Uche Jombo and co.), Goldenlinks Productions (Kunle Afolayan) Obi Emelonye (The mirror Boy) Mainframe Productions (Uncle TK, Tunde Kelani, Maami) and host of others, you guys are doing great but that is not enough....The thing is they will not even give young talents opportunity to reshape the industry, all you keep seeing is old faces, thank God for make up the likes of concealer and corrector, some actresses would have been.....by now......But seriously our nollywood actors are on point give them any role, they will so be on point...but they need more innovations more technologies and reasearch.

I still have a very strong passion for acting cos I hate to hear people complain, if you know you can do it better why hidding, a world class nollywood BEGINS WITH YOU AND ME...BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN NOLLYWOOD........sealed, signed and delivered! Ope Careem.

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